Bronze Medallion with Emergency First Aid & CPR B


Schedule:1 Weekend or 2 Saturdays (20hrs)Bronze Medallion Certification Program Toronto

Pool Time: 12-15hrs approx.

Classroom: 5-8hrs approx.

Total Instructional Hours: 20 approx.

Course Cost: $300+Tax

*Lifesaving Manual - $58+Tax 

*CPR Pocket Mask with Gloves - $28.50+Tax

Total:  $386.50+tax

*Required to purchase if do not have

Prerequisites: 13yrs old, unless holding Bronze Star


Course Description:

  • Develop an understanding of the 4 components of water-rescue education in lifesaving principles
  • Rescue drill: enter the water & swim head-up 25m or yd to contact a passive victim or manikin located at the surface & carry 25m or yd
  • Endurance challenge: swim 400m within 12 mins (400 yd within 11 mins)

Why do I need this certification?:

  • Prerequisite for Bronze Cross

Session Dates

Bronze Medallion Certificate Program Toronto, Western Tech High Park, Earl Grey East York ScheduleBronze Medallion Certificate Program Toronto, Western Tech High Park June 8 & June 15Bronze Medallion Certificate Program Toronto, Bishop Marrocco, High Park July 6 & July 13Bronze Medallion Certificate Program Toronto, St Patrick, East York July 20 & July 27Bronze Medallion Certificate Program Toronto, Bishop Marrocco, High Park August 10 & August 17

Registration Process

Step One: Complete the registration form (below)

Step Two: Wait for registration confirmation email & invoice from Jack of Sports

Step Three: Send E-Transfer to with total amount to secure your spot in the course

Step Four: You will be notified when your invoice is updated


East York Location: Earl Grey Sr PS (Pool)

Earl Grey, East York National Lifeguard location Map

Address: Earl Grey Sr PS

100 Strathcona Ave
Toronto, Ontario
M4J 1G8


  • 3 Streets south of Danforth & Jones Ave
  • Drive half a block east on Strathcona Ave
  • Parking lot on west-side of school
  • Enter school door across from parking lot & walk down stairs on right side 
  • Pool/change room location in the basement

Blake St Jr PS (Classroom)

Address: Blake St Jr PS

21 Boultbee Ave
Toronto, Ontario
M4J 1A7


High Park Location: Western Technical

Bronze Cross Western Tech, High Park Toronto Location Map

Address: Western Technical

125 Evelyn Crescent
Toronto, Ontario
M6P 3E3  

Pool Entrance

  • Drive up hill on Evelyn Cres.
  • Pool door located across from tennis courts
  • Enter door & walk through another two doors
  • Turn left & walk to end of hallway


  • Parking located on Evelyn Cres. across from tennis courts


East York Location: St Patrick Catholic Secondary 

St Patrick, East York Toronto location Map

Location: St Patrick Catholic Secondary 

49 Felstead Ave
Toronto, Ontario
M4J 1G3


  • Cannot access parking lot from Coxwell Ave
  • Turn onto Felstead from Greenwood
  • At the end of accessible road turn right
  • Parking lot on south-west side of school


High Park Location: Bishop Marrocco

Bishop Marrocco, High Park, Roncesvalles Standard First Aid Certificate location Toronto

Location: Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School, room 205

1515 Bloor St W
Toronto, Ontario
M6P 1A3

Driving Northbound on Dundas St. W: 

  • Parking located in the Loblaw’s parking lot. 
  • Walk northbound on Dundas St. W towards Bloor St.
  • Prior to Bloor St. walk down ramp on right-hand-side.
  • Enter School through double doors and turn left to find staircase
  • Go up one floor exit staircase and turn left. 
  • Walk down the hall (past water fountain and pool change rooms)
  • Turn right at the end of foyer and continue down hallway to find room 205 (on left)