Knowledge Academy Tutoring program for grades 1 to 8

Individualized & Adaptive Learning Paths for each unique child to master the skills in Math, Language and Reading.


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"Our daughter Kaila greatly enjoys the Math Academy Tutoring program, it’s truly fantastic! It’s very engaging with a great Tutor, and rewards while learning and improving her math skills every week. Highly recommend this online tutoring program" - Natalie

"Both of my kids enjoyed their Math and Language Arts tutoring experience with Jack of Sports Knowledge Academy Tutoring. Daniel is an excellent coach who is very caring and patient. He is always helpful and assigned video tutorials and homework for my son to expand his learning. My daughter always looked forward to working with her coach Brooke as well. Brooke always checked for understanding and provided a lot of positive encouragement.A great online learning experience for both kids. Thank you Jack of Sports! " - Loretta

"This tutoring program is great. My son is able to work on the skills he needs to focus on and also gets one on one time with his coach" - Mitchie

FAQ - Knowledge Academy Tutoring Program:

What is required for my child to be able to participate?

Quiet space, Laptop/Desktop PER CHILD with working speakers, microphone, webcam, high-speed internet, paper/eraser/pencil & calculator for Grade 5 & older

Parents may be asked to assist w/ setup, bathroom breaks & technical issues if they arise. 

*Lessons will be conducted via Zoom & using a licensed Tutoring Software application

What level do I register my child in?

When registering select the level that corresponds with your child's 2020-2021 School Year Grade (i.e. Level 2 = Grade 2)

Can I register for 2 or more subjects per session?

The Fall/Winter/Spring sessions are 1x per week, 1 subject per registration. You may register for a 2nd or 3rd subject via additional registrations for another day and/or time.  

The Summer sessions are 2x per week and you have the option to register for up to 2 subjects (1 subject per day).

Do you offer Make-Up Lessons?

Yes, but make-up lessons are based on class composition & availability. You will need to submit an email request through the Contact Us page. 

Make-up lessons can also be carried over to the next session your child is registered. 

What is the Membership/Enrollment fee?

A one time registration fee for a set number of registration periods.

*Special for Summer 2020, Fall 2020 & Winter 2021: annual fee of $30/student (from Summer 2020-Winter 2021) Membership.

Starting Spring 2021: Annual fee of $60/student (Spring to Winter).

What is the diagnostic assessment?

Students complete a diagnostic assessment at the first lesson for each subject registered per session to identify their level for each skill per subject. Assessments are individual and questions auto generate until a concise evaluation of the child is completed - thus some students will be answering more questions than others in the same grade.

- K-Gr 2 will be on average 15 to 30 minutes per subject registered

- Gr 3 & up will be on average 40-50 minutes per subject registered

*Students will be permitted to take breaks if needed during the assessment

What is a Learning Path?

The individualized learning path will be created based on the student's diagnositic assessment. It consists of the following 4 items:

1. Engaging & interactive Lesson

2. Practice Questions

3. Mastery Quiz

4. Progress Check

Does the Math/Language/Reading content meet the Ontario Curriculum Requirements?

Two Ontario Certified elementary teachers vetted the Math/Language/Reading content overlaps the Ontario curriculum requirements sufficiently.

Even though the tutoring software is used internationally (including Canada), it is based on the American curriculum requirements. There are two limitations to the current content:

1. Imperial measurement is used. Metric questions are expected to be incorporated for 2021. Conversion questions will be skipped in the Learning Path. Supplementary metric curriculum is expected to be available for Fall 2020. 

2. New Ontario Math Requirements: As these requirements were just recently launched the current math curriculum will not include the following new requirements:

a. Financial literacy

b. Coding

Jack of Sports will be working with Ontario Certified teachers to develop/identify curriculum resources to supplement those two sub topic areas. Tentative deadline is Spring 2021.

*Please note there are still plenty of other universal math skills for your child to cover within each session.

*The tutoring program is set up to supplement the learning of subject skills not to provide or replace a full year of school.

Will there be Parent Consultations/Progress updates?

Parent Consultations will be conducted at the 2nd, mid session (only for the Fall & Spring Sessions) and final lesson. Lessons will be shortened to 45 minutes to accommodate the parent consultations. During the 10 minutes parents will be moved to a private breakout room with the coach to review the child's results on the assessment (2nd day) and progress on the learning path (mid session & final session).

What is WIDA?

WIDA is the World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment

Do you have any more questions?

Please contact us directly and we'll be happy to address your inquiry