Jack of Sports Why, Confidence, Resilience & Teamwork

Jack of Sports 3 Step Coaching Methodology has a 95% success rate for bikers 4 years and olderBalance bikes providedTransition to Pedal Bile with gliding & pedlingLearn how to properly brake bicycle and come to a complete controlled stopPractice wide & tight turns through obstacle courseTip toe & stationary startsDo not bring 2 wheel pedal bike to camp until instructed by coachParent needs to ensure seat on 2 wheel at height where balls or heels of child's feet can touch the groundHalf-day of Multisport & Co-op gamesFriday Olympic Day with opening ceremony, face painting & theme comraderyBring bike helmet, running shoes, water bottle, nut free snacks & lunch

12inch balance bike for children ages 3-4 & 16 inch balance bike for children 5 years and older

2024 Summer Camp for children ages 4 - 12 years in Mississauga, Toronto, Scarborough and Pickering


Sample Learn to Bike Camp Day

*Activities/schedule may vary depending on weather or other factors

Learn to Bike Camp Daily Schedule Breakdown TitleLearn to Bike Camp Daily Schedule Breakdown


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