Co-ed Multi Sport After School Program

  • Jack of Sports believes every child should be encouraged to participate in a multi sport program to develop confidence and be a well rounded athlete. The program is offered in the Fall, Winter & Spring to coincide with the TDSB calendar
  • The After School Program rotates a different sport per week so the child is participating in Basketball, Soccer, Floor Hockey and more over a ten to twelve week session. These core sports, plus others; depending on the season provide a solid foundation for developing hand eye coordination, foot speed and agility
  • Jack of Sports employs creative drills and small games so everyone participates. The one hour session is broken into both Stations and Small Games where drills and skills are taught and practiced and then incorporated into Small Games
  • Small Games are utilized in a manner so NO CHILD CAN HIDE. These games force the child to participate and ensure that each child gets an appropriate amount of touches, dribbles, shots and more so everyone can develop their skill and confidence not just the top child
  • Jack of Sports believes in challenging and motivating the kids in a positive manner. The kids are encouraged to do their best and develop an understanding of the skill and grace involved in multi sport
  • The friendships developed by PARTICIPATING in sports are life long and irreplaceable; Lets Get Started!!!

Jack of Sports is currently seeking locations to host our Afterschool Program. If you have any location preferences or other inquiries please do email us at

Play Sports...Make Friends... Have Fun!